Sweetwater Candle Company Proudly Supporting Our Veterans

How I Got Started

Hi, I am Grant.  My story for Sweetwater Candle Company started out with my 5th grade science fair experiment.  For my science experiment I was chosing if natural candles [Beeswax or Soy wax] or man made candles [paraffin] would  have a longer better burn rate. It ended up that all natural candles burn longer and better.  So that is why I am an all natural company.  

Soy candles do burn longer and cleaner than paraffin candles, up to twice as long.  Our soy candles are our top sellers and come in a variety of scents and colors.   

Also, why I am doing beeswax candles is because they release negative ions which make the positive ions in dust and dirt in the air fall to the ground.  Beeswax is good for allergies and asthma sufferers.    

Every time there is a sale,  20% of the profits go to charities that support our Veterans.  There are so many great organizations out there that help those who have served our country, that I will research and rotate giving to these charities.  Currently I am focusing my donations on Freedom Service Dogs of America because they combine my two passions--rescuing dogs from shelters and training them to become service dogs for our military veterans.  

So far I have donated $2,500 to charities that support our Veterans, and I can't wait to donate more.

PS.  I can save you delivery charges if I can deliver to you at my church (FCCC), my school (CCA) or my Dad's work.  Just input where I can deliver to you in the Shipping Address Section where is has a blank for "Address Cont." and put in either "school", "church" or "Mark's office" then click "Local Delivery" on the next page.

Also, my brother Ben has a company called Soshen that makes bath products.   He is raising money to support cancer research for kids at Texas Children's Hospital.  Check out his website at www.sosheninc.com